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Get 5 Ultimate Facial Spa

Calming Facial

The Calming Facial will soothe the masks reactive of skin and is our ideal choice for anyone with Rosacea, sensitive or red inflamed skin. The 90 minutes session includes our additional mask and a foot massage.

Rejuvenating Facial

Rejuvenating Facial help to Deep cleansing and restorative facial for ageing and problem skin using fruit acids to achieve a fantastic efoliation. The active product stimulate circulation and detoxify the deep layers leaving skin glowing toned and firm. The 90 minutes session includes our additional masks and foot massage.

Clarifying Facial

Clarifying Facial Deep cleansing facial that removes daily pollutants locked in the skin and lifts dead skin cells which dull and block healthy cell tissues leaving skin fresh, moisturized and glowing. Recommended for acne and congested skin. The 90 minutes session includes our additional masks and foot massage.

Hydrating Facial

A hydrating facial is loaded with edges required to form your skin look wet, glowing and healthy. As the name suggests, hydrating facial hydrates your skin. It brings water content back to your skin and locks that wet in. Those experiencing dehydration, dryness, and irritation can profit most from a hydrating facial. But it is suitable for anyone looking to get that radiant and supple look. If your skin looks flaky and feels rough to the touch, your skin is dehydrated.If your skin appearance boring and additional oily than usual, your skin is dehydrated. Products employed in a hydrating facial area unit directed toward treating this dehydration. The formula of those product area unit water-based and consists of wetness-rich ingredients that facilitate retain the skin’s wetness balance and forestall any moisture from oozy out.

Green Mask Facial

Green Mask Facial result oriented treatment using product created for men combines deep cleansing with calming and clarifying properties to effectively treat congestion and irritation that occur as a result of athletic activities and frequent shaving. The 90 minutes session includes our additional masks and foot massage. (Please shave 4 – 8 hours prior to the treatment time.)

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